A bushtucker trial

I did it! I finally faced my fears, my worst nightmare and committed to trying a range of food I truly hate! 

To many of you, a cup of tea and bacon sandwich is an ideal breakfast, but those who know me will confirm how challenging this was for me. 

Having struggled with eating / food phobias from being a child I decided that a fundraising opportunity was the perfect time to tackle the problem head on. 

Please enjoy the embarrassing video, like, share and comment!  

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If you'd like to read about my decision to volunteer in Cambodia click here.


Making decisions

For those of you who know me, you'll be aware of how dreadful I am at making decisions. I can easily spend 2+ hours deciding what I want to eat for my tea before eventually falling into bed with nothing but a bowl of plain pasta in my stomach.

Not only am I bad at making decisions but I'm also not very good at sticking to a single choice once my mind is made up. To put it simply, I am probably one of the most indecisive people in the world.

However this has all recently changed, well kind of.

For many years I have dreamt of travelling the world, visiting far off countries and spending my time volunteering, but I have never once committed to a plan (and believe me, there were many many plans). But I've decided to make 2016 my year of not only making decisions but sticking to them too. 

In December I committed to moving out of my parents and in with my boyfriend. In January I made the choice to buy new furniture and committed to purchases by handing over a lot of money (cry). In February I fancied visiting a new Scottish Isle and, with a little help from the fella, decided on a camping trip to Islay. And finally in March I have followed through with my backlog of plans and can finally say I will be volunteering abroad.

In October 2016 I'll be working alongside Edukid, a charity dedicated to providing quality education for underprivileged school children in Palestine, Uganda and Cambodia. My trip will see me spend a week in Cambodia learning about how Edukid are supporting both children and their families. If you'd like to know more about Edukid please visit: www.edukid.org.uk

In advance of my trip I will be raising funds for the charity. If you'd like to show your support you can do so by donating through JustGiving here: www.justgiving.com/rhiarhiajones

I'm now counting down the days to my holiday on Islay as well as a once in a lifetime trip. I couldn't wish for a better start to 2016 - Here's to better decision making!

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