Sustainable Living - Carrier bags

A few blogs ago I promised to share my favourite eco-friendly carrier bags. So here it is. Here's all the earthly goodness in my carrier bag wish list. But, before I begin, please tell me I'm not the only adult who puts shopping bags on their Christmas list?! 


String bag - Package Free Shop

First up is this little beauty. Say goodbye to those pesky, plastic fruit & veg bags and say hello to the Package Free Shop's string bag. Who knew your trip to the store could be so fashionable?
The only downside? I can't find it in the UK so be prepared to pay those extra shipping costs. (cry)




Paper Bucket - UASHMAMA

This is probably my all time favourite, it blows my mind. How can something as fragile as paper become so durable we can use it as a bag?! Maybe one day I'll my very own UASHMAMA bag and let you all know!
Until then, I'll be dreaming of carting shopping home in this Italian luxury.





Jute Bag - Ian Snow

It's back to my favourite store, Ian Snow, for our next bag. While this one may seem too fancy for the weekly shop, who's stopping you? Maybe your food will taste better in a consciously bought bag? Maybe you'll meet the love of your life down the cereal isle? Maybe we'll never know until we buy the bag.
This one is on the Christmas list for sure.





Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 17.20.21.png

Refresh & Reboot Cotton Shopper Bag - Paperchase

Finally, I love this one. I love it for the slogan. It's true we all have baggage, but by using single use carriers we're making our baggage the planets baggage and that's not ok.
This one is high up on my wish list mainly because it's affordable and everyone loves affordable.






P.S. Two blog posts in two days?! What a treat...
P.P.S. Yes I really have started my Christmas list already.