Do you believe?

Are you as shocked as me? I've made it to blog post number 3! Yep, that's right, I've actually managed to remember my blog! Phew.

If you read my last post, you'll know that on Friday I went to a medium night. One of those spiritual things, where the medium attempts to contact your ghosts. So, first things first, I'm a HUGE skeptic! I mean, I believe in ghosts, I think. And it would be nice if there was something more, something after death, an afterlife, reincarnations, who knows? But someone asking a 40+ year old if they have a dead relative....?! 

Despite my niggling thoughts I went along and we had a great girls night. The drinks were flowing, the laughter was contagious and the late hours rolled into the early. 

But back to the Medium. He worked his way around the room sensing spirits who had messages, who wanted to talk to their living friends and family, and it all seemed legit. Kinda. The lucky few who had spirits come forward all seemed convinced, emotionally touched and overwhelmed by their experience. And as you can imagine, living in a small community everyone knows everyone's business, so these spiritual contacts were somewhat confirmed by all listening. So I began to listen too.  

"Do you understand me?", "do you know what I mean by...?",  "they're proud of you".  All generic, right? So, I'm sat there, sticking to my guns as a strong Derren Brown fan, and I don't believe a word. Not one. I keep telling myself it's all a show. But who am I to decide?  In one way or another it's all about believing, that sparkle in your eye that thinks you saw, heard, felt something. And it got me thinking, when do we lose our sense of belief? 

As children we all believe and it brings such big emotions with it. Santa, the Easter Bunny, mermaids, the Sand Man, a monster under the bed, the list goes on. So why should this be any different? If believing is what people need, to latch onto and feel emotions they no longer get to feel, then what's to stop them. 

In a way, whether it's true or just an act, the Medium mirrors our childhood fantasies, bringing waves of emotion and magical belief to all those he gives readings to. Just like a child, belief is all it takes to make something real. 

To this day, I hold onto this childhood belief. I love fairytales and classic children's books are my favourite. And just like the Medium who is surrounded by spirits, I long to be surrounded by childhood wonder. A world filled with all our favourite things, people, characters. A world where everything is real if you just believe a little.


Are we all children at heart, eager to believe in what we hope is true. Or is there really a spirit world, is there really something else...  after all, it would be nice, wouldn't it?