2018?! Huh?

Wow. So when did 2018 sneak up on us? Infact, it's nearly February. How in the h*ll did this happen?! 

 So let's be honest (sneaking #PitchPerfect references in πŸ˜‰), I've been really really really REALLY bad at posting blogs lately. Well, for the whole of 2017. Which sucks. So my new year's (February's) resolution to you all is to be more talkative. Whether you like it or not, here's to chatting sh*t about my whimsical, unorganised and always running late island life. 

First things first, HEY! To any new readers out there. Welcome. I'm Rhianna, mamma to two furries and hater (lover) to Ryan. I'd love to share a pic of us all but alas I have none 😒. 

Instead let's focus on my year so far... Rain. Lots and lots of rain has poured down on Islay over the last month. Roads have flooded, pot holes have opened and the beaches ahave emptied. Luckily that's allowed the time for much needed decorating to commence, and I've finally painted my 'woodland green' feature wall in my soon to be master bedroom. It's safe to say I'm in love, especially after opening the tin to Thomas the Tank Engine's bestie, Henry. (Ew).  


While the men have been out shooting and getting soaked to the skin, I've been in painting and supping the hot chocolate. And while my first real home slowly starts to take shape it's turning into a trial of will power, with help from the ever emptying bank account of course, to hold back from buying all the gorgeous house goodies my heart desires! But hey, a girl can dream right?! 

Check out my next post for my housey wish list featuring some of my fav artists, designers and eco conscious shops. Β 

Bye for now. x