Cambodia 2016 - One year on

So, it turns out I'm useless at remembering to write blog posts and I never did get around to writing a follow up post - or any post at all - But here it is, finally, Cambodia part 2. But where do I begin? 

It's now been a year since my trip to Cambodia (where does time go?!) In my previous blog I shared a few stand out highlights of our trip, so I've decided to share a few more of my favourite photographs and memories. There are so so many photos to choose from but I finally picked out a few - who knows I may have new photos next year (fingers crossed).


Stuck in the mud
The quick snap above was taken after a heavy downpour saw our tuk tuk come to a halt. We were stuck, stranded and left to navigate the muddy ground in nothing but our flip flops. While it sounds a nightmare, it was far from it! A fun taste of local life!


These three women
To these three women, I wish I knew your names, I wish I could thank you and I wish I could have just one more minute in your company. I will never forget your faces, the hysteria with which you laughed at my spoken words, the fascination on your face as your son translated over and over the same three questions "Where are you from?", "What is your name?"  and "How many brothers and sister have you?". Your shrieks of laughter are etched on my heart.


A beautiful scam
I totally fell for a money making scam in getting these ladies to bless my feet, head and new friendship bracelet - but who cares. I loved this beautiful moment in the middle of Angkor Watt surrounded by the ancient beauty of Cambodia.


The girl and her cat
Such a little poser, she knew she was the in the spotlight and worked her puppy dog eyes as she grabbed a teeny tiny kitten and posed for the camera. This same girl was seen in 2015 holiding a puppy and with this kitten in 2016, wonder what she will cuddle next?


The baby and who?
I wish I knew who the lady was, is she grandma, mother, auntie or someone else? The language barriers prevented me from finding this out, but it did not hide the beauty and colour of this moment.


The Jungle Book in Cambodia
The boy hiding just out of shot in my 'these three women' shot. My favourite moment mirroring one of my favourite stories.


A picture speaks a thousand words
Such beauty, truth and wisdom in one face, this image speaks more than a thousand words it tells the story of a lifetime.


All good things
I look at this photo and see the future, the future of the children learning, the future of Edukid and Care for Cambodia, and also my own future. The anticipation to meet up with familiar faces and hear their stories, laughter and aspirations once more - All good things come to those who wait, I will return no matter how long the wait may be.