My first LIVE sports match

I come from a family who, surprising as it may seem, is not particularly interested in popular sports. We're physically active but football, rugby and cricket have never played a central part in my life and I'm really happy about this.  

Last Thursday I watched my first LIVE match, a rugby league match to be exact. While an evening at the rugby isn't my ideal, I was surprised as I actually had a really great time! My fella, Ryan, is a huge supporter of Leeds Rhinos and attending the first game of the season seemed like a nice little treat, so I took the plunge and bought the tickets. 

During the game I was reminded that I know absolutely nothing about the sport, and after asking a lot of dumb, obvious questions I started to get into the spirit of things. The loud cheers going on around me were a great help, they reminded me I was supposed to watch the game and not the crowd... Surely I'm not the only person who dozes off at LIVE games?!

By the end of the game I found myself shouting and cheering at men running about in tiny shorts, hurling each other towards the floor and hopefully scoring a try. Unlucky for Ryan, it turns out the Rhino's weren't having much luck at hurling Warrington Wolves towards the floor as they lost 12-10.

I'm pretty sure I'll get to see a winning game before too long and I'd love to say I'm looking forward to it (maybe).