I'm reading: Watership Down

So, I've just finished reading Watership Down, a classic written by Richard Adams. After watching the film rendition as a child I was excited to get stuck in, and while the I remember the film being rather upsetting with small rabbits dying here and there I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book was very different.

I've spent the last few weeks following Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig and their fluffy comrades through the Downs as they make a journey of a lifetime to find a new home. Their adventures begin when Fiver, a psychic rabbit, senses that their warren is in danger of destruction, and after failing to convince the chief rabbit to leave the warren a small bunch of hlessil (wandering rabbits) set out in search of Watership Down.

Richard Adams' story isn't just about a bunch of rabbits and can actually teach us a lot about leadership, comradeship and in many ways it relates to the everyday struggles of adult life. It is Adams' love for storytelling that, for me, makes this classic a must read.