I'm Rhianna, a twenty-something lass from Yorkshire, now living on the Isle of Islay. I currently work at the co-op with a background in the creative industry - where my heart truly lies. 
Specialising in web design, photography, digital marketing and social media consultation I am helping to promote the businesses of Islay beyond the reach of our small community.

Want to know more about what I have to offer? See my Advertising Islay page.

More about me!

I started blogging as a New Year's resolution in 2016 (I often forget to post, sorry!) I aim to capture the ins and outs of my life while attempting to find motivation and inspiration outside working hours.
As well as being passionate about the creative world, I'm also a huge lover of the environment. I'm currently committing to a more sustainable life following the belief that one person can #TurnTheTide - tag along with my blog as I discover new ways to help our world grow greener and share my latest discoveries on how to reduce our reliance on single use items.


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